Tuesday - February 20, 2018

Dave East – “The Day Of” (Mini-Documentary)

Dave East recalls of his rise through the rap game.”I had literally no connections to no radio station, no blog site, nothing,” “I was in the projects in my back room with the homies, finding beats on Youtube. We had a mic. The spit-guard was a durag or a sock. I had to tell the whole room ‘Be quiet, I’m about to record!’ I come from that.”

Of course the Harlem rapper has come a long way since then. After getting down with Mass Appeal Records and then landing a major label deal with Def Jam, Dave East has become one of the most respected new rappers representing NYC.

“The first year I came out here [to SXSW] I can remember walking down Sixth Street and nobody stopping me,” East recalls. “This year I ain’t even been able to walk. It’s just dope to see that growth as far as the fans go.”

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