Sunday - January 21, 2018

Rapsody – “The Day Off,” (Mini-Documentary)

North Carolina MC Rapsody states”Since I’ve known I wanted to rap I’ve always had this reoccurring vision… It’s always been me on a big stage, thousands of people. I have this vision all the time.” Just before her appearance on MASS APPEAL’s Live at the BBQ, we caught up with Rapsody as the realization hit her. “Wow, we really got here!”

Reflecting on her journey from the small town of Snow Hill, to joining the group Kooley High, to getting down with renowned producer 9th Wonder and collaborating with DJ Premiere on her Return of the B-Girl mixtape, the consummate lyricist born Marlanna Evans says the key to her success has been extraordinary focus. “They call me Rain Man,” she says. “I go in the corner and go over the whole show. I say my lyrics over and over again.”

Even before music, when she was playing basketball, Rapsody had a serious pre-game ritual. “It’s just tunnel vision,” she says. “I have to go somewhere else to get ready.” Although she and 9th have years of experience at this point, she never gets complacent. “I feel like if I get too comfortable, that’s when I mess up.”

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