Wednesday - February 21, 2018

Spocka Summa – the progression EP + Comic Book (STREAM)

In todays music industry which is saturated by a vast amount of artists all attempting to get and keep the populace attention, it is extremely hard to get noticed. It takes great ingenuity and creativity to standout in such a ¬†climate, in other words one must be OUT-standing. We introduce to you Providence MC “Spocka Summa,” recently submitted his work to us, and we must say we are impressed. Not only does Spocka have great content and skills but his latest offerings marketing is unique.

Spocka released “the progression EP,” which is a soul and funk infused sample based project where he spits his thoughts earnestly. But the unique marketing which Spocka choose to use is releasing a Comic Book with his EP as well.

Check out it out below and click on the link for the full Comic Book experience.

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