Tuesday - February 20, 2018

Nas Confirms New Album On The Way

Queens Bridge Legend, N-A-S, has just confirmed that he will be dropping a new album in 2017 via a Mass Appeal interview. Hip-Hop fans have been anticipating this ever since Das was featured on DJ Khaleds Major Key and he stated “Das Album Done.”

Check out the interview except below.

Nas, I know you made a record called “Nas Album Done” but I guess the album isn’t finished yet?

It’s not done till it hits the streets.
But the studio in this office is going to help create the vibe.

Oh yeah, that room is where we’re finishing everything.

Can fans expect this album before the year is over?

For sure.

Any titles in mind?

Not yet, not till release.

Will you drop tracks before the whole album comes out?

We might do a single but we might do something different.

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